A2EP is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit coalition of business, government and research leaders promoting a more energy productive economy.

Amory Lovins: Radical energy efficiency

We were pleased to host renowned thinker and innovator, Amory Lovins from the Rocky Mountain Institute for a briefing about 'Integrative Design for Radical Energy Efficiency'.You can now watch Amory's presentation and conversation with A2EP CEO, Jarrod Leak, online.

IEA recommends urgent action

At its recent Global Conference on Energy Efficiency the International Energy Agency released a report detailing 10 key actions to arrest the slowdown in energy efficiency improvement and support more ambitious action. You can watch the conference proceedings here.

Renewable energy for process heat

A2EP is investigating the technical and commercial feasibility of alternatives to fossil-fuelled heat in manufacturing. We’re working in collaboration with Climate-KIC, Sustainability Victoria and DPIE NSW. ARENA has part-funded the project. We’ve recently finalised the first case studies. More here.

National Energy Productivity Plan v 2.0

We’ve rewritten the NEPP to address whole-of-economy issues including a framework and target, a focus on a top ten list of priority measures, new sector-specific approaches and back-of-envelope program costings. NEPP 2.0 is available here as a draft for consultation and development.




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