A2EP is an independent, not-for-profit coalition of business, government and environmental leaders promoting a more energy productive economy.

X-Change: The customer-centred transformation

Monday 08 April in Sydney. We showcase the technologies and enterprises that are transforming energy use and supply, both business and residential. A program of prominent international and local speakers who bring a unique customer experience perspective to the energy revolution. More here.

REALM: Renewable energy and load management

A2EP worked with the Institute for Sustainable Futures on an ARENA-funded project to demonstrate the potential for integrated approaches to cut costs, reduce emissions and support networks. The study includes seven pilots across four sectors. More here.


Energy productivity - The task ahead

We need to lift our game but metrics indicate that the rate of improvement is slowing or stalled.   Read our assessment here.


From worse to bad: Ai Group report

A report from The Australian Industry Group on Australia's ongoing energy crisis states the situation - while improving - has gone from worse to bad.

To read the full report, please click here.




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Energy Productivity Tweets

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